In 5507, after the great Cataclysm, a young halfling named Petyr, a former Moonite, wandered the new continent of Arth and preached the tenents of Holy Zeranon, arch-angel of Heaven.

At first, he was regarded by something of a joke by the clergy of the Twins, but maybe because of the word, maybe due to the fact that the Twins were blamed for not stopping the rain of Fire Stones on Caropya, people began to flok to Petyr and his new church in great numbers.

Tensions grew, and Petyr soon found himself most unwelcome in many places. He was harrased and insulted wherever he went, and in the end, Elder Judax, a Sunite, took it upon himself to rid the world of the pesky halfling. When Petyr was executed by Sunites, he was martyrized and worship of Zeranon spread like wildfire on Arth.

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Zeranon has three classical representations. In all of them he is an angel (perfect nude human male with feathery wings)

The Benefactor: Angel holding food or a book

The Ruler: Angel holding scepter
The Dominator: Angel holding mace


Guardian, protection, innocence, mercy, culture, civilization, justice, war, combat and domination


Worship of Zeranon is strongest in Arth. It is the state religion of the Empire, and thus very widespread. Outside of Arth, there is very little organized large-scale worship of Zeranon.

Evolution of the Church

As time has passed, the Church of Zeranon has become more and more fractured. Outwards everything is still under the same roof, but the classical representations of Zeranon represent the factions within the church.

The fragmentation of the Church stems from the Holy Book of Zeranon. The Holy Book of Zeranon, written in the early days by the first disciples of Petyr and others that met him and took up worship of Zeranon. But every story is very different and emphasises on different things. Debates and wars has over the years created three denominations of Zeranon.

Zeranon the Benefactor (rid the world of evil) (the protector)
Zeranon the Ruler (Rule and be fair) (the protector)

Zeranon the Dominator (Rule and be harsh) (the protector)

The Church of Zeranon is a martial church, and all clerics are fighter/clerics


Title – Responsibility – Clothing/appearance

Guardian – nothing – white tabard with symbol

Knight-Guardian – village – white tabard with symbol and 1 blue star on cheek

Crusader – town – white tabard with symbol and 2 blue stars on cheek

Chaplain – city – white tabard with symbol and 3 blue stars on cheek

Holy Chaplain – large city – white tabard with symbol and 4 blue stars on cheek

Inquisitor – v. large city and/or province – white tabard with symbol and 5 blue stars on cheek
High Inquisitor – empire – white tabard with symbol and 6 blue stars on cheek

The others

Zeranon does acknowledges the Twins as creators of the world and all races: But he also said that they failed when they simply left the world to itself. The world and its races must be guided and shown the right way to be.

Zeranon therefore also acknowledges the Prince of Shadows, both as son of the Twins and ruler of the Underworld.

Zeranon acknowledges the Primal Spirits as something of power, saying they might indeed be older than the Twins.

Zeranon talks very little of Zarus.


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