Followers of Zarus believe that humans should dominate all aspects of all nations and steer the world towards extermination of all non-humans. Zarus also states that one should always strive to be
perfect in all that one does, and to demonstrate so to others.


Zarus is always represented as a perfect specimen of the human race.
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Humans, perfection, revenge, domination

Evolution of the church

Very little has changed since 4800, when the church of Zarus was founded.

Diety: Warbringer


Title – number – Tattoo

Son/daughter – no number – tattoo on right fingers (see pic to understand)

Deacon – 2401 – tattoo on right fingers and hands

Primate – 343 – tattoo on right fingers, hands and forearm

Patriarch/ess – 49 – tattoo on right fingers, hand, forearm and arm

Cardinal – 7 – tattoo on right fingers, hand, forearm, arm and shoulder/neck

Pope – 1 – tattoo on right fingers, hand, forearm, arm, shoulder/neck and face (right side)

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The numbers for each rank is fixed. In order to advance, one from the rank above must die, retire or be demoted.

The others

Zarus acknowledges the precense of the Twins, but the Book of Zarus clearly states that they are imposters, false gods, demihuman gods who duped early humans into worshipping them.

Zarus acknowledges the Prince of Shadows as the “ruler” of the Underworld, but at his orders. He is his Dark Angel.

Zarus acknowledges Zeranon as an angel, and thus not worthy of worship
. Zarus acknowledges the Primal Spirits as just that, spirits, magical beings that belongs in the forest.


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