This is where the souls of the dead go to be judged. A realm of shadows and darkness, a realm of subdued emotions and silence, the Underworld is in reality a distorted mirror of the mortal world. The Prince of Shadows resides there, in his Inn, where he sits at a table and hears each soul’s story, and along with with a devil and an angel appointed by their respective planes, he decides to whom the soul belongs.

In general, the (very) good guys go to Heaven, the (very) evil guys go to Hell and the rest stay in the Underworld. A few unfortunates, end up in the Dread, a special “part” of the Underworld.

Just as in Heaven and Hell, the dead that have been judged take corporal form, but where they in Hell are tortured and in Heaven they are nurtured, in the Underworld, they just are.

Travel to and from the Underworld

In order to get into the Underworld, you need to do one of three things:
1) Die
2) Find your way to another realm of the Otherworld, and then sail to the Underworld via the Astral Sea.
3) or you can pass through one of the few portals that are rumored to exist on the mortal world that connects the two realms. It is even said that some spellcasters can tear the veil between worlds momentarily and shift over.

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