According to many legends and scriptures, Nira the Sun and Torax the Moon traveled the Mists of Madness for eons, before they found a place without the Mists. There the Twins created Gemnos and all of it’s races. Satisfied with a job well done, they transformed into each their own physical representation, Nira turned into the Sun and Torax turned into the Moon, and left the mortals to evolve on their own while they rotate for eternity around the Discworld of Gemnos.

“We have always been. Born into the madness of Mists, yet we were not mad. Instead we came out of the Mists, and found this place, without the Mists. We found Sanity. We created a perfect world, shaped in our image. We populated Gemnos with a multitude of races. We leave now, but will bring you light and darkness for an eternity, for that is what we are”.
So it says on the Black Rock of Azebul, thought to be the own words of the Twins


Nira the Sun is fiery, agressive, direct, truthful and open. She is almost solely depicted as a darkskinned female and usually as a warrior.
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Torax the Moon is cold, calm, defensive, deceitful, calculating and full of trickery. He is almost solely depicted as a lightskinned male and usually as a spellcaster.
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Nira: Sun, birth, beauty, combat, dream, family, hunting, guardian, innocence, mercy, rage, retribution, sea, storms, truth, weather, war.

Torax: Arcane, charm, cold, culture, darkness, death, decay, fate, fear, illusion, mortality, music, nobility, shadow, thieves, time, trade, undead, luck, justice.


Worship of the Twins is widespread and the most common everywhere but in Arth. In southern Lokieska the elves worship a primal version of the Twins called Ni and To. The humans there worship Nito, Church of the Sun and Moon. In Trodukar a lot of the original inhabitants worship Torax, while in Arth, people worship different aspects of the fragmented church. On Caropya, most either worship Nira or Torax. Both worship and influence of the Twins are ingrained in the life of most races.

Their time of birth is significant, marking them as being influenced by one of the two creator gods. If you are born during the day, you are dark-skinned (often) with characteristics matching that of Nira, while if you are born at night, you (often) share caracteristics with Torax. Obviously those that worship the Twins put more significance into this than others.

Evolution of the Church

At first, on Caropya, there was two seperate churches (Nira, the Sun God and Torax the Moon God). This lasted until 4502 where the two churches start a holy war with each other. In 4599 the two
churches became one church (Nito, the Church of the Sun and Moon) under the guidance of Eileen Moonsparrow, the Oracle. In 5500, with the Cataclysm, all who worshiped the Twins died or moved to Arth. In Arth, the worship of the Church of the Sun and Moon until 8331, where the Church of the Sun and Moon broke up into many smaller churches, and people started to worship different aspects of both Nira and Torax. Most of those who are members of the Dragon Empire also worship either Nira the Sun or Torax the Moon.

Meanwhile, on Lokieska, the elves there worshiped the Twins in a more primal form, called Ni and To. The original settlers who came from Caropya in around 2100 brought with them the worship of Nira the Sun and Torax the Moon. When escaping the bondage of the Yuan-ti in 4756, some humans kept the worship of their ancestors, ie Nira and Torax, while others quickly turn to Zarus.

As the humans spread out and populated central Lokieska, they kept the worship of both Nira and Torax. When rediscovered in 9728, they are exposed to other gods, amongst others to the fragmented Church from Arth and to Zeranon.

 Aspect (cleric diety from dndnext rules)
- The Warrior (the warbringer)

- The Farmer (the lifegiver)

- The Destroyer (the stormcaller)

- The Hunter (cleric/ranger or druid???)
- The Mother (the lightbringer)

- The Protector (the protector)

Moon Aspect

- The Noble (the arcanist)
- The Thief (the trickster)
- The Traveler

- The Dead (the reaper)

- The Judge


Title – Responsibility – Clothing/appearance

Brother/Sister – nothing – tattoo of aspect/god

Priest/Priestess – shrine – brown ceremonial robe and tattoo

Vicar – church in town with one church – white ceremonial robe, ring and tattoo

Elder – biggest church in town with several churches – ceremonial rod, ring, red ceremonial robe and tattoo

Bishop – biggest church of region – ceremonial rod, ring, black ceremonial robe and tattoo

Prelate – kingdom – ceremonial rod, ring, necklace, gold/black or silver/black ceremonial robe and tattoo

High Priest/High Priestess – empire – ceremonial rod, ring, necklace, crown, gold (or silver) ceremonial robe and tattoo

Worshipers of Nira (or her aspects) are called Sunites, Worshipers of Torax (or his aspects) are called Moonites.

The others

The Twins acknowledges the Prince of Shadows as the ruler of the Underworld. Some branches of the church claim he is the son of the Twins, but that is not official word, in fact, it is viewed as heretic to speak out loud due to the implication of incest.

The Twins acknowledge The Primal Spirits as something that spontaneously came from the world of Gemnos that they created, but they are not gods, merely expressions of will and feelings of the world. To be respected, but not followed.

As for Zeranon and Zarus, they are neither gods nor anything like. Zeranon is but an angel, while Zarus is a demon cloaked in a human disguise.


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