Todrukar was the last continent to be discovered. Officially, it was not until around the year 6000, when an expedition from a now dead kingdom sailed north in hopes of finding new lands to conquer.

What they found was a even harsher country, populated with murderous orcs, stone-throwing giants, firebreathing dragons and a very inhospital weather. So colonization was slow, as few people were interested in settling in such a place. After about a thousands years, however, much of the central part of Todrukar was populated with small towns. And then the Ravager and his horde came, sweeping down and killed more or less every single living being.

Years later, after the Ravager had been vanquished, people returned to Todrukar and rebuilt, but rebuilding was equally slow. Eventually, small nations have formed. Some became enamoured with the more rustic way of life, others with the less strict structure than they were used to in the highly developed nations of Arth (read less laws).

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