The World

Gemnos is a world very similar to what Earth looked like during the 13th and 14th centuries. Great parts of Gemnos have until recently been (or is still) covered by dark, wild forests and unsettled grasslands. Civilization is still a novelty in much of this world, even when you are in the heart of the Empire. While the cities are huge and populated by many people of all races, you need only to travel 30 miles away to find small villages that almost no one has ever heard off.

The people of Gemnos (including man, dwarf, elf, tiefling, dragonborn, gnome, and halfling) are similar in mindset and advancement to the men and women of the 13th century.

City-states are common, and nations on the increase as more of the wild lands are pushed back and gathered under a single king or government. There also no less than five great empires dominating three of the continents. The Dragon Empire on Caropya, the Empire on Arth and the Republic, the Empire of the Chosen and the Empire of Zarus on Lokieska.

Skills such as metalworking, farming, and craft-industry are common in the civilized, urban lands, so that swords and heavy metal armor are all-too available to the warrior. The closer you are to the great cities, the more industrial the community is.

Literacy and the quest for knowledge in on the rise, and many people can read and write. Books are more and more common, some works (both fiction and non-fiction) are even mass-produced. Again, this is in the urban areas. Outside the great cities, it is very different. While the emperors, kings, nobles and warlords still hold the supreme power in almost all nations and cities, the merchant-class is very much on the rise and is increasing in both wealth and power as more markets and resources open up.

Another powerful player is the church, or rather churches. Depending on where you are, the Church of the Twins, the Church of Zarus or the Church of Zeranon wields considerable power. Faith, while not as dominant as in Europe of this period, is a major force in the lives of the people.

There are other great differences between earth from 700 years ago and Gemnos. Great beasts and evil humanoids roam the wild (and not-so-wild) country. Ruins and ancient towers may be found among the underbrush, in the underground and inside the mountains.

And of course, there is magic. Magic-users of all kinds populate the world, some born with the gift, some granted it by gods and other powers and yet again others learned to harness the magic by sacrificing years and years of study.

Bit first and foremost, Gemnos is a land of adventure. It is a place for heroes and villains, a place for both great and foul deeds.

It is Gemnos, Discworld in the Mists of Madness.

The World

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