The Imperial Age

7117 – Rotax The Ravager descends on Arth, crossing the Mistshroud Ocean one icecold winter along with an army of 500.000 orcs, ogres and even more terrible creatures. With the arrival of Rotax The Ravager, many of the colonial kingdoms are forced to pull their armies from the Desert War and turn them northwards.
7119 – After two years of destruction, Rotax The Ravager and his horde are outside the home of the Elven Queen.

7120 – Rotax The Ravager and his armies are caught between the forces of the King Nuhar of the Dwarves, the Elven Queen and the Balos the Imperator, and thus is the Ravager destroyed. Most orcs are killed or flee back north, but a significant number hold up in the central mountains of Arth, forming Urokar.
7120 – In the ashes of the Ravager, Balos the Imperator starts to subdue every single kingdom and nation in southern and central half of Arth and include them into his empire to be.

7121 – The Dragonborn of the Firestone Desert win the Desert War, and force recognition of their right to the desert, as well as acceptance of the dragonborn as a race, welcome in the kingdoms of Arth.
7141 – Balos the Imperator founds a new empire on Arth, simply called, The Empire. From the Barbarian Steppes to the western border of what is Drauq today, the Empire dominates Arth.
7327 – Humans from the Republic in central Lokieska try to spread north, but are overrun by goblins and other creatures and beaten back.

7399 – After years of expansion, the Republic and the two Kingdoms start clashing regularly

7436 – Balos the Imperator is assassinated – still not known by whom.

7477 – The Dragonborn form the Dragon Empire, crowning Sextus I as emperor.

7678 – After years of tranquility on Caropya, the Dragon Empire expand east and south. Unlike the Empire in Arth, the dragonborn conquer and occupy, and nations taken in and their citizens never become more than second-rate. All positions of power and leadership are by the dragonborn.

7682 – The Church of Zarus grabs the power in the south of Lokieska, and forms the [[Empire of
Zarus]], quickly swallowing up every nation nearby.

7777 – The Treaty of Non-Agression is signed between the Republic and the two kingdoms of Ertyop and Pokider.

7967 – The Dragonborn manage to get the ancient Lightning Rail up and running again.

The Imperial Age

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