The Icons

Once every 1000 years, a special being is born on Gemnos. At first, he or she appears normal, but as he or she ages, his or her extraordinary powers become apparent. As he or she comes into power, wings grow. Something those are white angelic wings (touched by Heaven), sometimes they are dark angelic wings (touched by the Underworld) and sometimes they are infernal wings (touched by Hell). Each take a name by which they become known.

Year born – name
1 – Elven Queen
1568 – Hexia Hellfire the Occultist
2435 – Alex the Imperator
3002 – Wizard Finwë Felagund the Arch Magus
4582 – Eileen Moonsparrow the Oracle

5234 – Baba Yaga, the Witch
6956 – Rorax the Ravager

7099 – Balos the Warlord

8021 – Lazarus the Deathbringer

9830 – Sextus the Overlord

The Icons

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