The Golden Age

2450-2476 – First steps towards the Golden Empire. King Alex sets out from the Kingdom of Morit. King Alex conquers most of Caropya in 26 years and becomes the Emperor Alex the Imperator of the Golden Empire. The emergence of the Golden Empire heralds the beginning of a golden age.
2466 – Hubertus Junker creates the first steel weapons

2631 – Most of Caropya is finally populated.

2900 – After spreading out a bit along the coast, the colonists from Caropya are attacked and subjugated by the Yuan-ti Empire of Snakes. Immediately all communication stops with the homeland stops.
2999 – Alex the Imperator killed by Hexia Hellfire

3232 – Court Wizard Finwë Felagund (elf), later known simply as the Arch Magus, presents Emperor Aludan II with the Lightning Rail on his 37th birthday. Construction of tracks commence immediately.

3272 – The Arch Magus presents Emperor Urex I with the first Flying Ship, named Emperial Eagle, on the day of his coronation.

3482 – The Arch Magus completes the first teleportation circle.

3531 – The dark elves on Caropya rebels from their elven overlords and escape. They flee underground.

3676 – Emperor Ranex II starts the construction of the Ranex pyramid, as a symbol of his power and to be buried in. A trend starts and soon all emperors had their own huge pyramid made, while rich nobles have smalles ones.

3799 – Hexia Hellfire, The Occultist opens a rift to Hell just south of the Hammerdrukar Mountains, just between the Blackstone Hills and Loki Taure. Devils and demons pour into the mortal world.

3804 – The dwarves of Stoneborg and Hammerborg start the first of many wars with the Empire of Snakes that has them completely encircled.

3813 – The Arch Magus kills the Occultist, and King Gromin Ironfist and his dwarven Iron Legions push back the disarrayed infernal hordes into Hell, while Aurax, The Great Golden Wyrm, uses all his power and his very soul to weave a spell, closing the portal, thus trapping the dwarves and the forces of evil in Hell.

3912 – After almost 100 years of decline, which started with the loss of their Kingdom and finest warriors, The Iron Kingdom collapses with no real leadership.

The Golden Age

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