The Age of Plagues

8327 – In a few short years, The Great Plague sweeps through Arth, killing more people than most wars ever have.

8331 – With the Great Plague as catalyst, and after more than 3700 years of unity, the Church of the Twins part ways, some would say fragments into many smaller churches, breaking the heart of Sergian the Devout.
8501 – Start of the Eternal War, between the Empire of Zarus and the Empire of the Chosen, as they clash repeatedly along the jungles of the Moon Elves.

8673 – The Dragon Empire now controls most of the northern and central part of Caropya.

8888 – The Empire of the Chosen break the truce with the dwarves and once again close them off from the world around them.
9023 – Rebellion in the Empire. Under the guidance of several imperial generals, a large area (Darunar and Inzali) rebel to claim independance.

9037 – After 14 years of bloody war, the area now known as The Nations of Darunar is proclaimed independant and there is peace.
9245 – Not all are happy with the citystate model, and Warlord Aguin Inzalin proclaims himself king and goes to war against the other warlords.

9261 – The Kingdom of Inzali is founded.

9331 – Zombie plague on Island of Death. The undead plague is contained, but no one survives. The island is given up, and forbidden. Several nations cooperate to patrol the waters, preventing all an anyone that may want to try to get to it. Emperor Ikarus is on the island during the outbreak but gets out before it is closed off. He still dies of a mysterious illness a few months later, in 9332.
9600 – Out of the Yuan-ti-jungle comes blind and mute albino cannibals, and strike terror in the hearts of men.

9697 – Invention of the Doomstick by Victor Doomar.

9728 – (re)discovery of Lokieska in the south, when Jack Rasp, descendant of Jack Lefthand sails across the sea.
9778 – First Flying Ship to cross the ocean via stop on the Red Island.

9802 – The dwarves of Stoneborg and Hammerborg get a flying ship connection.

9845 – Colonization of northern Lokieska begins.

9865 – Sextus (3rd) the Overlord ascends the throne of the Dragon Empire.

9901 – Skirmishes between the Empire of Zarus and the Republic begins north of the great desert.
9903 – Imminent collapse of The Empire

The Age of Plagues

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