Prince of Shadows

Worship of the Prince of Shadows started very early, perhaps as far back as around year 1000. At first, he was merely worshiped as someone who took care of those who died, who ensured a good afterlife. But quickly, he became so much more, the judge of the dead, the shadow in the darkness, the power behind the throne, the manipulator.


The Prince of Shadows is always represented as a male cloaked figure with the face shrouded in darkness or a mask.
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Death, the dead, darkness, fate, mortality, deception, manipulation, assassination

Evolution of the church

Despite being connected to the Church of the Twins, worship of Prince of Shadow has remained unchanged since the beginning.
Diety: The trickster


The Church of the Prince of Shadows lives up to the Prince himself. Secretive and private, the church does not have grand official churches. Not that it is illegal, but only the priests themselves seem to know in which alleys and sewers to look.

Priests of the Prince of Shadows use masks whenever in public, and they get special names and never use their real names again, once initiated. A priest who is not in charge is called a Dark brother, while one in charge of others is called a Dark Father.

The others

Prince of Shadows does not care nor comment on other gods. In fact, he has never claimed he was a god. He simply is, judging those who die.
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Prince of Shadows

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