Primal Spirits

The Primal Spirits are spiritual representations of the world of Gemnos which guide worshipers to a better life, a life in balance with the world, furthering the needs of the world.

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The Deep Winds, Earth Wheel, Everflame, Great Current, Fate Weaver, The Primal Beast, The Soul Serpent, Whisper, The Grandmothers, Great Bear, Old Grandfather, The World Healer, the World Serpent, The World Tree. There are many Primal Spirits and even more ways to represent them.


Balance, nature


Today, the Primal Spirits are mostly worshiped in the north, and by the elves of Caropya and in general by many if not most barbarians, halflings, druids and such. Many intelligent “monsters” of Gemnos also worship them.


Worship of Primal Spirits have always been. In fact, while the Twins may have created Gemnos, worship of the Twins didn’t start until much later, in the year 0. Before that, many already worshiped the Primal Spirits.

Diety: Druids/rangers


There is no organization, no church. A tribe might have a shaman, a seer, or one might be on his own. It is however said, by outsiders, that two druids or other worshipers instinctively know who is strongest in his faith when they meet. Some sages speculate there is a semi-secret organization that links the worshipers together in some way, but that has yet to be proven.

The others

Primal Spirits acknowledges neither the Twins, the Prince of Shadows, Zeranon or Zarus as gods or anything significant. They are the end all and be all of Gemnos. They were born of Gemnos, and so were the races. They are manifests of the world, alas, many have strayed and worship those that they should not worship.

Primal Spirits

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