In 2111 and expedition from what is now Trewindar sailed east. Allegedly born out of a vision, they sailed west for the promised land, the Land of the Chosen, as Captain Za had written in his notes. They landed on the east coast of Lokieska many months later, and began a small village.

Over the years, the settlers grew in numbers, and by 2900, they had formed a small nations of townships. Then their expansion hit the great jungles, and out came the Yuan-ti snake-people. The humans were no match for the snakes and their elven slaves, and soon, just about every human on Lokieska was a slave to the snakes. Years passed, until 4756 after years of slavery, elves and man rebelled against the yuan-ti and destroyed them. But the elves had no intention of changing things. They took over the role of evil overlords, and those who could fled east and south.

Many years passed. The elves rebuilt the Yuan-ti empire, now calling themselves the Empire of the Chosen, while man continued to spread all over the contient. In 6789 the Republic, a place of democracy, without evil overlords, was created, dominating central Lokieska. In 7682 the Empire of Zarus appeared, and it has been fighting the elves ever since. Through all this time, there was no contact with the other continents. Then in 9728, it was rediscoved by Jack Rasp. In 9845, colonization of the northern part (which is devoid of man) of Lokieska began.

Map of Lokieska

Lokieska 3


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