Lightning Rail

In 3232 Court Wizard Finwë Felagund, whom the whole world will later come to know as the Arch Magus, presented Emperor Aludan II with the Lightning Rail. Construction of tracks commenced immediately after.

Within 40 years, a set of double tracks laying on a 5 ft tall and 30 ft wide stone wall ran from the north to the south of Caropya. The trains ran often and played a big part in the golden age of the Golden Empire. They even made the Great Tunnel and tracks connecting Caropya and Arth.

All that changed with the Cataclysm. Most of the tracks were destroyed and so were all of the trains. For almost 2500 years, no one thought about the Lightning Rail. But in 7967, rumor spread like wildfire that the Dragon Empire had restored the old lines and once again, the trains were running again.

So far no one knows how they managed that, but considering no other tracks and trains have been built, it is assumed that they do not have the knowledge and power of making new ones, but merely managed to repair those they already had. The Lightning Rail is one gigantic magical construct, where the power of lightning elementals are used to make large wagons move on rails at high speed over long distances.
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Lightning Rail

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