Iron Kingdom

Right from the start, the dwarves of Gemnos made the Hammerdrukar Mountains their home. During the first years after they were created, just as the other races, they lived in small clans, families, but soon, they began to gather and build together.

At first, they carved small habitable caves out in the rock, but very quickly, that no longer satisfied the industrious dwarves. The clans grew, and so did their underground towns and cities. They dug and carved, day and night, year after year, and soon, while the humans and elves still lived in small villages, the dwarves lived deep underground in magnificently built cities.

The ten clans became the ten dwarven kingdoms, each ruled by one of the ten oldest families.

While competitive, the dwarven clans remained friendly and neighborly and traded a lot amongst each other. The next logical step was to form an empire. It made sense. That way, they wouldn’t have to spend so much time arguing over every decision.

In 2199, after many years of debate between the ten dwarven kings in the Hammerdrukar Mountains, the kings all got together and decided that King Belar Ironfist would be their overking, their emperor of sorts.

During the establishing of the Golden Empire, the Iron Kingdom forged a treaty of non-agression with King Alex and the two empires soon began an earnest trade, especially after the Lightning Rail starts to pass through the mountains.

For hundreds and hundreds of years, the Iron Kingdom flourished. They even began to open their borders and allow non-dwarves to visit and do their trade in the dwarven underground cities. Human architects, builders, smiths and armorers also became avid visitors, eager to learn the tricks and trades of the dwarves.

The Iron Kingdom had an alliance with the Golden Empire, but tried to stay out of any conflicts in the area. But in 3813, they could no longer. Central Caropya was locked in a war for survival, after the Occultist had opened a rift to Hell and devils and demons poured into Gemnos. The Golden Empire was preparing to strike back once and for all in order to finish the war, but they needed the help of their dwarven friends.

So in 3813, the great-great-great-great-great grandson of King Belar Ironfist, King Gromin Ironfist and his Iron Legions answered the call for help, and helped push back the demonic legions through the rift. No one knows for sure, what happened down there, but none of the dwarves, nor their king ever returned.

The shock of losing their overking and their finest warriors was too much for the dwarves of the Iron Kingdom. Slowly but surely, the dwarven empire fell apart and the dwarves returned to the ancient ways of one king per city.

Iron Kingdom

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