Green forests, bountiful fields, luxurious mansions, pleasant weather are all parts of the dreamlike Utopia of pleasant thoughts that is Heaven. In short, Heaven is a nice place to be, unless you are evil. The dead live out eternity here, playing, acting, fornicating, drinking, partying, dansing and many other things under the guidance and tutelage of angels who rule the place with a flat hierarchy. One of the more outspoken angels is called Zeranon by mortals.

Travel to and from Heaven

In order to get into Heaven, (unless you are dead and sent there by the Shadow Prince), you need to do one of two things:
1) Find your way to another realm of the Otherworld, and then sail to Heaven via the Astral Sea.
2) Sneak in via one of the rifts from the Underworld, when a shipment of dead souls are sent through. In order to get out of Heaven, you can sail the Astral Sea and if you are an angel, you can answer a summon from a very powerful spellcaster.

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