Formed in 7120 by Balos the Warlord, what was once the most powerful and mighty of empires, is now little more than the shadow of itself.

Balos lived more than 300 years, but in the end, in 7436 the Underworld took him, when unknown assassins came in the night and killed him. How and whom is still one of the best guarded secrets in Gemnos.

Balos was much more than just a warlord, a leader of men and a general. Balos was also a visionary and a scholar who had studied both history and theories of leadership. He was convinced that the traditional system of hereditary rule was flawed and thus Balos created a system to ensure the best, most intelligent and wisest ruled, surrounded by the best of the best. He founded a school, called Imperial University. The school was created to educate the best young men in the Empire towards ruling, and to avoid trouble, it was forbidden all future emperors to have children.

The ideal of the Empire was to create an entity so powerful and stable, that there would be no more war. But soon after Balos had created the foundation and the ideas of the Empire, he was told by seers that the Empire would only last 14 emperors, then it would collapse under it’s own weight. Not a man to be stopped by visions of the future, Balos had crafted a wonderous magical item, the Imperial Chair, the throne of the emperor, located in the palace in Parys. The Imperial Chair prolongs the life of the rightful emperor while he sits on it, and thus the emperors of the Empire tend to live more than 300 years. With the durability of the Empire assured, Balos continued his plans for Arth.

Balos the Warlord was a believer of Zeranon, and Zeranon soon became the state religion of the Empire. 
Peace by the sword, some say. But every country and nation conquered were made egalitarian part of the Empire.

Whenever Balos conquered a nation, the leaders were taken, and all got a choice. Leave The Empire, or join it. Most chose to join.

As Balos expanded The Empire, he soon realized he couldn’t run everything by himself. The capital, called Parys, became an semiindependant entity, run by the emperor’s men and the emperor himself.

The rest of the empire was divided into 5 areas, each with a Duke to lead it. Just as the emperor was chosen amongst the best, the Dukes were simply the best man or woman for the job.

The Empire is thus divided into five provinces:

- The Four Isles (Birthplace of Balos)

- The Heartlands (the foodchamber of the empire)
- The Old Lands (old lands with the oldest lines of nobles)

- The Borderlands (been lost and then regained a couple of times. The least faithful of the provinces)
- The Eastern Province (annexed last)

Furthermore, each province is divided into five districts and each district is divided into five counties and each county is divided into five departments which are again divided into five communes.

Empire (1) – leader: Emperor

Provinces (5) – leader: Duke

Districts (25) – leader: Count

Counties (125) – leader: Baron

Departments (625) – leader: Knight-Marshall
Communes (3750) – leader: Knight

Once per year all leaders of the Empire delegate their work and responsibility to others, and travel to Parys to join in a week of discussion and talking to the emperor – all 4530 of them (4531
with the emperor). Debates are held in a huge auditorium built for the purpose.

7120-7436: Balos the Warlord

7436-7689: Sergian the Fearless

7689-7818: Ikaris the Builder

7818-8082: Cristion the Beautiful
8082-8299: Xabiran the Wise

8299-8531: Sergian the Devout (Sergian II)
8531-8531: Matac the Visionary

8531-8779: Sergian the Warlord (Sergian III)
8779-9001: Daviz the Diplomat
9001-9302: Balos the Reincarnated (Balos II)
9302-9332: Ikaris the Cursed (Ikaris II)
9332-9589: Doran the Necromancer
9589-9834: Doran the Dreamer (Doran II)
9834-????: Balos the Last Emperor (Balos III)


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