Elemental Chaos

A sea of chaos, where the elementals clash and create what has been described as the building blocks of the multiverse. Little is known about the place, although a few intelligent races make their home here. The Efreet have their City of Brass, and the Githzerai can also be found here.

Travel to and from the Elemental Chaos

In order to get to the Elemental Chaos, you need to do one of two things:
1) Find your way to another realm of the Otherworld, and then sail to the Elemental Chaos via the Astral Sea.
2) Or you can pass through one of the few portals that are rumored to exist on the mortal world that connects the two realms. It is even said that some spellcasters can tear the veil between worlds momentarily and shift over.

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Elemental Chaos

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