Arth was first discovered by religious escapees in 4533, who settled on the Island of Death and the easternmost of the Four Isles. Then in 5150, Jack Lefthand flew across the Tempest Sea and made history.

Up to the Cataclysm, people poured over from Caropya, and began building a better life. Citystates and kingdoms sprang up everywhere, and by 6810 they started to recolonize Caropya. Then the great orc horde lead by the Ravager in 7117 caused massive destruction to central and eastern Arth, but the destruction was followed by Balos’ ultimate victory and formation of Empire, which launched the second golden age on Arth, which lasted for thousands of years.

Today, the Empire, which holds half the land of Arth, is slowly rotting from the inside, but still holds reasonably true and strong. The rest of the continent is made up by advanced and civilized nations, many kingdoms and strong city states. Most capitals are connected by flying ships, trade is enormous and wars are few and in general small. Lately many of the nations have begun looking at other continents to expand, so the competition on those are fierce.

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