Age of Religion

4502 – After years of unrest, a full-blown religious war erupts between the followers of the Sun and the Moon. Extremist factions have control of both churches, and advocate the complete annihilation of the other church. The Golden Empire is split down the middle, and Emperor Tyrat III, widely regarded as one of the weakest emperors of the Golden Empire, remains passive.
4533 – People fleeing the religious war discover Arth, but tell noone, and a slow colonization start.
4599 – After almost a century of religious civil war, the Church of the Sun and the Church of the Moon are united by the Eileen Moonsparrow, the Oracle, a woman of enormous power and foresight. The holy war is stopped.
4756 – Revolution in the jungles of Lokieska, as the elves and humans (aided by the dwarves from Hammerborg and Stoneborg) overthrow their Yuan-ti overlords and flee. The Moon Elves take over, all but mimicing the rituals of the Yuan-ti, but mostly stick to the jungles in southern Lokieska. Some humans flee to the south coast, and begin repopulating the areas around the elven/yuan-ti jungles, while others flee north, populating the (empty) central part of Lokieska. The dark elves are quickly rounded up and imprisoned.

4800 – The Church of Zarus is founded in the south of Lokieska.

5150 – Explorer and empire-wide famous dilletante, Jack Lefthand, wins a ship (and crew) in a game of Kings and leads 300 men and women to discover Arth, founding Jacktown and starting a small but steady migration north.
5279 – Emperor Ronild III starts construction of a marvel like Gemnos has never seen before – The Great Tunnel, stretching from Caropya to Arth, linking Jacktown with Caropya’s mainland via the Lightning Rail. More than 200 of the 400 miles are below the sea.

5369 – War erupt over land between the first colonizers of Arth and the new wave of migrators. War takes place in the forests in the northern parts of what will be the Old Lands.
5398 – The Great Tunnel stands finished.

5390 – As the humans who rebelled against the Yuan-ti slowly spread their north, they collide with the Empire of the Chosen, as the elves have named themselves, and the first of many small wars begin.

5404 – Using the war between the elves and the humans, the dark elves of Lokieska rebel and flee underground.

5499 – The Oracle, who singlehandedly stopped the religious war between the two churches, receive a vision, and warns of destruction and doom to come. People prepare for the worst, but have no idea what to expect.

5500 – The Cataclysm.
5503 – As the humans who rebelled against the Yuan-ti multiply and slowly spread their territory to encounter the elven Empire of the Chosen, war begin anew in Lokieska.

5507 – Word of Zeranon start spreading. The halfling Petyr is the first to preach his word.
5545 – After Petyr is executed by Sunites, the worship and word spread like wildfire through Arth.

Age of Religion

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