Age of Kingdoms

1508-1509 – The First War – The city of Darinar goes to war with the City of Happenburg over the gold mines in the Misty Mountains of Caropya

1567-1569 – The Second War – South of Hammerdrukar Mountains and the Blackstone Hills, humans war over farmland.
1699 – Invention of iron by Tokar Goldenhammer (dwarf)

1836-2178 – All the way to the east, at the Loki Forest, man encounters the Yuan-ti of the Empire of the Sun, and war erupts. For years man tries to gain a foothold (and hold it) on the eastern and southern “banks”. Called War of the Snakes.

2098 – Kingdoms start to appear on Caropya. The very first is the Kingdom of Dolmarr, which persists today, although not as a kingdom.

2111 – A fleet of explorers travel west from what is now Trewindar, and discover Lokieska.

2178 – War of the Snakes ends with complete victory for the Yuan-ti. The eastern and southern banks are human areas under their control, and to the north and west, the humans are pressed into a stall- mate. A peace-treaty called the Snake-Treaty, is signed.

2199 – Formation of the Iron Kingdom, dwarven empire in the mountains of central Caropya, as the 10 dwarven kings agree to unite under King Belar Ironfist.

2300-2323 – War on two southern islands, two distinct splits meet. Morit against Zamirar. Isle of Morit wins the war.

Age of Kingdoms

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