Age of Encounters

0 – In the village of Dorian: Father Morg, builds a wooden church. “This humble place is a testament to the devotion of man. It will stand to the end of time and forever be most holy” was engraved in a blueish stone found on the site. Worship of the Twins begin by humans.

234 – Dwarves start making weapons and tools out of bronze.
301 – Man meet with halflings.
357 – Elves and dwarves meet, and sign the First Peace.

513 – Humans (and halflings) meet elves, First Peace is also signed by the 10 elders of the human villages.

759 – The elves develop the elven written language.

777 – Humans follow suit with their own written language.

856 – Templa nae Val – Magic is Power. Later named First Wizard Zoran Der who has grown up amongst the High Elves of Eska, become the first human to learn the art.

923 – Man (and halfling) and dwarf civilizations meet.

1003 – The first villages on Caropya turn into towns.

1076 – Paper is invented by Grendal Papyrus (human)

1125 – The wheel invented by Kristobal Djangor (human)

1237 – The elves start building small pyramids to bury their elders.

1478 – First written laws by the dwarves. The humans immediately adopt the idea of laws.

1502 – Towns become cities (8.000+) and citystates.

Age of Encounters

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