Age of Democracy

5529 – Humans, once united under the oppressive rule of the Yuan-ti, now fight over land in central Lokieska.

5608 – Dragonborn appear out of the new desert in Caropya

5647 – More wars between humans over land in Arth, just around the western border of the Eastern Province. This war over land will continue until the formation of the Empire due the the very fertile soil there.
5787 – As more humans who rebelled against the Yuan-ti slowly spread their territory to be adjacent to the Elven empire, war begin anew. The Moon elves are after many years victorious, and claim some of the territories north of the forests. Kingdom of Djakar and the citystates of Rotunam resist incursion. As they have learned from the demise of the Yuan-ti, the elves make a trade-agreement with the dwarves of Stoneborg and Hammerborg, so that they can pass through the jungle, if need be.

6000 – The populating of Arth is more or less complete. Some brave people decide to explore the northernmost continent, Todrukar. The east of Arth is still not civilized though. Area is dominated by roaming barbarian tribes that prove unwilling to bend to the Empire.

6066 – Humans fight more wars over land and how to live in central Lokieska. Although not called so, the idea and basis of what will later be the Republic continues to gain ground.

6500 – Todrukar finally starts being populated by human – or rather the coasts and along the many rivers are.

6789 – The Republic is founded on the east coast in Rapaz, which will later be the capital of the Republic.

6810 – People start to return to northern Caropya – competition between kingdoms to gain access to new trade-routes.

6834 – The colonial kingdoms encounter the dragonborn for the first time. Soon after, they also find out that gnoll lizardlords have taken over the steppes of central Caropya, that the Yuan-ti are rumoured to be back in the jungle and that goblins have emerged and taken over the ancient dwarven cities.

6909 – In responce to the Republic’s expansion and ideas, the Kingdom of Ertyop is founded.

6981 – In responce to the Republic’s expansion and ideas, the Kingdom of Pokider is founded.

7107 – After years of skirmishes, a fullblown war between the dragonborn and the colonial kingdoms break out. It’s called the Desert War.

Age of Democracy

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