The Weather

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The weather on Gemnos is fairly static. It has an evenly split night and day (12 hours each), with the sun rising at 7, and setting at 19. Beacause Nira the Sun rotates around Gemnos in the southernmost end, the weather is significantly warmer down south and much colder up north, where Torax the Moon rotates.

In general, you can find five types of weather on Gemnos.
In the south, it is basically always hot enough to run around naked. There is no such thing as winter. Most of Caropya and the southern part of Lokieska have this kind of weather.

If you go further north, it gets somewhat colder. In southern Arth and northern Caropya as well as in parts of central Lokieska, you will never see snow, and it will usually be hot enough for little or no clothes. But at night during the “coldest” months, you might in some cases need to stay indoor, or wear a good warm cloak, if you are going outside.

Most of Arth as well as part of central Lokieska and northern Lokieska have what you would call normal weather. Warm but rarely hot summers, cold but rarely freezing winters with lots and lots of rain in between. Summer and winter are more or less of equal length.

Continuing north, the weather gets colder. In northern Arth and southern Todrukar, it can still get quiet hot during summers, but they are very short, and the long winters can get extremely cold. Especially during winter nights, it often gets too cold to go outside, even is dressed appropriately.

Then, finally, in the northernmost region of Todrukar, it is cold all year around. Water is more or less constantly frozen, and very few people can live here for longer periods of time.

The Weather

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